BEITRÄGE TAGUNG: »Copycat. Dealing with Dangerous Mimesis«

23. – 25.02. 2017

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Bernhard Siegert: Welcome


Dorothee Kimmich: Vagueness: Similarity as Paradigm in Cultural Theory


Peter Berz: Erscheinen! Fighting for the Phenotype


Michael T. Taussig: Why Donkeys are Dumb


Stephan Kammer: Copying Genius: Dangerous Mimesis in Sturm und Drang


Uwe Wirth: Poetic Paperwork: Cut and Paste as Grafting


Alexandra Stara: The Radicality of Mimesis: Towards a Proposition for Contemporary Architecture


Eva von Engelberg-Dočkal: Dangerous Architecture: Reconstruction and Historicising Building as a Threat


Lisa Gotto: Bits and Bugs: Distributed Mimesis as Digital Default


Christiane Voss: Dioramatic Mimesis


Michael Hutter: Alberti-Windows, Gersaint-Catalogues and Warhol-Flowers: Historical Interplays between Creation and Innovation in Aesthetic Games


Evonne Levy: Jesuit Mimesis: Three Approaches
Ralph Dekoninck: Mimesis and / or Invention: The Quarrel about the Quarrel of the Ancient and the Moderns